TCE is your one-stop shop for professional video game repairs.


We provide a variety of professional repair services for retro and current generation video game consoles, handheld game systems, smart phones and tablets.


Whether your Playstation 3 has the Yellow Light of Death (YLoD), your Xbox 360 has the Red Ring of Death (RRoD), you have a jammed disc tray, or you just need a controller stick replaced, our experienced staff can help.




We deal in the following game console repairs:



Xbox 360 &  Xbox One
  • Red Ring of Death (RRoD)
  • DVD Laser Replacement
  • Disc Tray Repair
 PlayStation 3 &  PlayStation 4
  • Yellow Light of Death (YLoD)

  • Blu-Ray Laser Replacement

  • Disc Tray Repair

Nintendo Wii & Wii U
  • Laser Replacement

  • Hardware Repair

Retro Console Repair
  • 72-Pin Connectors

  • Disc Laser Repair

  • Power source Repair


Screen Replacement
  • DS Screen Replacement

  • 3DS and 3DS XL Screen Replacement

  • PSP Screen Replacement

  • Tablet and Smart phone Repairs

 Controller Repair
  • Thumb stick Replacement

  • Button Replacement

  • Cord Repair






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TCE is a team of full – time professionals including passionate developers, talented craftsmen and active repair personnel. We focus on the design, functionality and usability of electronics for Hi-Quality Repair and Commercial Accessories.

Opening Timings

Mon - Sat :   9  AM - 9 PM
Sun:            11 AM - 6 PM


301 Tanger Dr. Suit 232. Terrell Tx. 75160
Call: +1 (469) 267 4158


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